Terms and Conditions

Updated: 05/12/2012

By ordering Virtual Vision Photography products & services, you agree to the following: PAYMENT
Virtual Vision Photography will bill your credit card at the time of completion for all charges and services provided, unless other arrangements are agreed to in writing.

The tour will be hosted for the life of the listing.  The tour and photos will remain hosted, or deactivated at your request.

Tour prices and marketing material prices are subject to change without notice.

In the event legal action is necessary to collect on balances due, you agree to reimburse Virtual Vision Photography for all expenses incurred to recover monies due, including attorney's fees and other legal expenses.

You agree that you will provide at least 24 hours notice, by voice or cell phone text, if you wish to cancel or reschedule a confirmed appointment for a tour photo session (shoot).  If such notice is not received, Virtual Vision retains the right to charge a late fee of $50.00 to your credit card or by invoice.

Additional fees may be incurred for your photography shoot. These include: travel outside of our normal service area, parking fee, late fee, no-show fee, etc.


Clients of Virtual Vision Photography are responsible for the following when the home is to be photographed:

  • That the property is available to the photographer at the confirmed time of the appointment.

  • That the property is clean, uncluttered and ready for photography.

  • That the photographer will not be at risk of injury, death or inconvenience while photographing the property.

The photographer will photograph the property “as-is”, whatever the condition of the property when the photographer arrives.

The photographer will not be required to move, remove, reposition or touch any part of the property or contents. 

The photographer will not risk injury to themselves or any other person or animal nor risk damage to any part of the property or contents.

The photographer will not be required to wait while the property is made photo ready.

The photographer nor Virtual Vision is not responsible for the weather conditions at the property at the time of the appointment.  The photographs will be done using the existing conditions. 

If the client requests that photos be redone under different weather conditions, or different time of day, further fees may apply.

If the client, agent or seller is not pleased with the resulting photographs of the property because of the condition of the property, contents or the property not being ready for photos, the property may be reshot, however, reshoot and travel fees will apply.

Clients of Virtual Vision Photography agree to accept the photo and panorama choices made by the photographer at the time of photography, unless the client specifies photo and panorama locations and specifics prior to or during the appointment. These choices are based on the best ability and judgement of the photographer. 

It is the policy of Virtual Vision Photography not to remove, retouch or in any way modify any structure or content of any property using Photoshop or other software from photographs.  This policy may be waived when applied to structures or contents that are not permanent (for example: garbage cans, temporary signs, wall sockets, paint marks) and will be modified before the property is sold. This is to prevent the end-user from being deceived as to the actual condition of the property. Additional fees may apply to such post-production work.

Should photographs not meet our standards of quality in representing a property, we will reshoot the property at no charge.  If the client, agent or seller request additional photos or services because of weather or seasonal changes, or request substitute or additional photographs be taken, additional fees may apply.


Photographs and a hyperlink to the virtual tour will be sent to various Real Estate Boards as soon as possible, upon the request of the Virtual Vision client.

Please keep the following in mind:
It can take up to 48 hours for the photos and tour link to appear on the Board’s web sites.  To avoid this wait, the client should upload the photos themselves.  Contact the Board or your office administration for instructions.

Virtual Vision Photography does not monitor Real Estate Board web site, nor does any Board provide data to Virtual Vision.  So it is the responsibility of the client to provide the MLS reference number as soon as it is available.  Virtual Vision cannot be responsible for photos not appearing on Board web sites if we are not provided with this number.

Regarding the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, the Board charges the agent $25 if Virtual Vision sends the photos to the Board.  If you do not wish to pay this fee, you should upload the photos yourself.  Contact the Board or your office administration for instructions. Virtual Vision does not guarantee the accuracy of 3rd party web site linked from the Virtual Vision tour.  These links are not under the control of Virtual Vision.

Virtual Vision does not guarantee the accuracy or timing of Real Estate Board web site: for example missing photographs or incorrect hyperlinks.

Virtual Vision  provides an avenue to each client to incorporate additional information (such as: property descriptions, property details, photo description, music etc.) for each of their tours.  It is the client’s responsibility to make sure this information is provided through the correct avenue, and Virtual Vision is not responsible for the existence or accuracy of client supplied information.


All images taken by Virtual Vision Photography remain the property of Virtual Vision Photography.  Virtual Vision grants its clients the rights to use any photographs taken by Virtual Vision for the client’s exclusive benefit.  However, the photographs may not be sold or given to any other person, agent or seller without the written permission of Virtual Vision.  This policy excludes the reproduction of the tour only to cd, dvd or memory card to be given to the agent’s seller as a keepsake.

Virtual Vision clients may not upload of otherwise place on Virtual Vision servers any material that is copyrighted to another party.  If any material (photographs, music etc.) is in question, it is the responsibility of the client to provide written proof of their copyright ownership otherwise the material will be removed.

Clients agree to absolve Virtual Vision Photography of any responsibility or financial obligation resulting from copyrighted material be placed on Virtual Vision tours.


Virtual Vision uses high Internet standards of secure data encryption for all online transactions.

Virtual Vision does not share or sell any client or contact information to anyone.


Virtual Vision photographs and images are a representation of the property, and we neither determine nor verify the accuracy of the property or contents with regards to colour accuracy, placement, scale, dimension or contents included in the permanent structure of the property.  (This accuracy can be difficult or impossible to determine because of differences in light sources, lack of knowledge of the property and contents etc.)

Under any circumstances, Virtual Vision Photography’s liability is limited to the amount paid for the tours, photographs and services by the client for that particular property.

Virtual Vision Photography, any of its agents, employees or contractors are not responsible for delays or failures to provide service, or damages outside of our control (for example: acts of God, floods, fire, road, railway or aircraft traffic conditions, weather conditions, acts of terrorism).

These terms and conditions may be revised from time to time. Please check this document frequently for changes.